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Ambassador Bitok Foundation was created to assist needy and brilliant secondary students from poor background, ABF Foundation was founded in 2015 and registered with the government of the republic of Kenya. Keeping in mind the significance of secondary education Ambassador Bitok Foundation (ABF) has implemented its education programmes successfully. Ambassador Bitok Foundation (ABF) aims at significantly reducing the number of children who are unable to access secondary education. AMB Bitok Foundation primarily focuses on supporting bright children from poor families who cannot afford secondary education. Target children are orphans, children with disability or children from families faced with extreme poverty.

Its mission is to support over 1000 children in the next ten years. The students would be identified from among orphans, children with disability and from poor families in rural areas.

ABF Foundation have been running the foundation with local donation and contribution only. We have limited resources to continue our activities and day by day number of children are increasing due to various reasons. We need additional support from the donors to meet the needs of increasing students.


Our team will operate from a dedicated office in Eldoret. This office will serve as the base station for coordination with the stakeholders and ensuring the necessary support for selected students.

The Foundation will be monitored at regular intervals through a “Project Advisory Committee” (PAC). Authorities from the Funding Agencies, Local District Administration etc, will be nominated as members to PAC. This committee would meet periodically once in 3 months concerning implementation of project and review of the activities undertaken. Ambassador Bitok Foundation staff will efficiently execute detailed report on twice a year in which ‘success stories’ will also be published and shared with the relevant departments and agencies on an annual basis.

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